Licence And Registration, Please…

Most all of us who drive have heard this phrase spoken to us, at least once, through our driver’s side window, by a law enforcement officer stood a little off to the side, hand hovering at his holster, in case of trouble.  We dutifully rummage about, hand over the documents, endure the lecture and accept the ticket or warning.

But imagine this scenario changing a little…

The officer looks at your documentation…

“Could you step out of the vehicle, sir?”

“Er… of course officer. Am I in trouble?”

“No, no trouble sir, but I did notice that your vehicle has an engine that is too large, so I am going to be confiscating it.”


“Yes, sir. Under the Oversized Engine Removal Act your vehicle’s engine is considered too large at 1100cc. Your vehicle is to be impounded, with immediate effect.”


Ridiculous, isn’t it? But this is what the registration and licensing of property could easily lead to, and it is one of the fears of gun owners and I have to say, I agree with them.

Dogs are another thing that require registration and licensing and the reason behind it are similar to those behind the idea of licenses and registrations for guns – a few idiots, caused the injury or death of a person or persons, through their careless disregard for the welfare of others. Now, a dog is arguably more dangerous than a gun, after all a dog has a mind of its own whereas a gun is an inanimate object, yet I don’t believe that we should have to license and register our pets.

And just imagine that the government decides that, just as no-one needs a certain kind of gun or, as in my previous example, vehicle engine size, a culling of the nations dogs could occur simply through Law an bureaucracy.

Park Ranger: “Is this your dog, sir?”

Dog Owner: “Yes, it is, Officer. Here’s my documentation.”

PR: *checks docs* “Hmm… are you aware, sir, that this dog is one-and-a-half pounds over the weight limit, as per the Big Dog Removal Act? This means that I will have to remove your animal, immediately.”

DO: “But…”

In short, licensing and registration is an easy gateway to a government bureaucracy’s impingement on a persons freedoms and their implementation is down to people not exercising the personal responsibilities that they should be.



Sandy Hook ES, Newtown: Change The Culture, Not The Laws

In the aftermath of the sickening events in Newtown, CT, I saw a few posts, on Facebook & Twitter, talking about the rate of firearm related deaths, in terms of a number of deaths/100k population, where the USA has a rate in the 10.x, (though, iirc, that data is old and its down around 6.x, now) and it is compared to the rate of one, or more countries, w/ strict gun control, whose rate(s) is/are <1/100k.

Switzerland has 0.4 firearm related INCIDENTS, not deaths, per 100k population. They have ALL men aged 20-30 perform militia training, including weapons training and the militia members are expected to keep a SIG SG 550 “assault rifle” at home.

Also, if the gun control laws in countries like the UK, Australia & Germany are so awesome at stopping firearm related deaths, why aren’t their rates at 0/100k?

Finally, how would stricter gun laws have stopped Timothy McVeigh? Or the 9/11 attacks? Or the Boston Strangler? Or Juan Corona? Or any other number of serial killers, whose tallies reach into double figures and whose crimes are just as horrific as these kinds of massacre-type events?


Gun Control? How About Addressing Poverty And Culture?

“…He sat with his team in a pregame study hall one fall day and told the players to close their books. Something was missing. What was it? He could sense they wanted to learn. He could see them working in school. They tried hard at football practice. And yet simple homework assignments went unfinished. Grades that had improved then mysteriously dropped. For every step forward there was a stumble.

“What is the disconnect?” he asked.

For several moments no one said anything. Then slowly the stories spilled out. Terrible stories. Heartbreaking stories. The players told of homes without parents. They said nobody in the house asked to see their homework. They talked of barely existing at all. They said the only place anyone seemed to care was at school. And they told him that even then he was the only one to whom they could relate.

“It was eye-opening,” Kitna says. “It was tearful to hear kids say: ‘My parents when I am doing my homework tell me to stop doing my homework and go sell drugs.’ Or to hear a kid say: ‘I don’t ever eat because I want my mom to eat and only one of us can eat.’ ”…” (From the link I posted earlier: “Former NFL QB Jon Kitna finds ‘gold mine’ at a school where other teachers only saw problems”

I think being brought up in the kinds of situations mentioned in the last paragraph may well be closer to the root of the problem that causes situations like Newtown.


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