Liberty the Loser

Democracy is great, unless its your team is on the wrong side of the results. For those of us independents, or invested in a “3rd party”, (Libertarian, Green, etc.), we feel like Democrats do today – and Republicans did this time two years ago – every election.

In America we vote not only on our various traditional political positions, (President, State Governor, State Treasurer, etc.), but also on positions like City Commissioner, School Board, Common Pleas Judge and Dog Catcher, (okay, that last one is a lie, just for some levity!). We also get to vote on “Issues”, which tend to be either to change/repeal a law, make a change to the State Constitution or for local levies/taxes, which all-in-all is a little like being asked to choose between being stabbed or bludgeoned.

Liberty, of course, is always the loser.


A City That Doesn’t Learn

Yesterday our city had “primary” elections for winnowing down the fields for the races for the Mayorship and two City Commission posts, in November.

Two years ago we dumped an embarrassing ass-hat of a Democrat for an energetic Independent candidate. In two years a city that regularly showed up in “Worst…” lists was now showing up in “Best…” lists. Yesterday the “primary” was between him and two other candidates. He came third, so misses the ballot in November. The winner, Democrat and a career politician, took 50% of the vote. I believe the runner up is a Democrat, too.

Three of the five Commission candidates were independents & polled 3rd, 4th & 5th, behind… yep… two Democrats. The top 4 candidates go through to the ballot in November.

This morning, DW & I were casually discussing the situation and came to the realisation that this city will never learn and never recover properly, because there’s no-one from the right running for elections. The GOP appears to have given up and the Libertarian Party seems virtually nonexistent. Even some of those who ran as independents in the Commission candidacy election only did so because they feel abandoned by the Democrats.

So, come November, the choices are Democrats or pseudo-Democrats. This city never learns…

Election Aftermath

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

Its OK. I’m not about to off myself, or start some bloody revolution, as there’s a fight to be fought. The fight to save the thing I am passionate about, this country, this beautiful constitutional republic, by working to educate.

I wasn’t ever passionate about Romney. I took the chance to see him in Cincy, Lebanon & West Chester because I wanted to be engaged. I wanted to see Obama & Johnson when they had events in our area, but just couldn’t get the time to do so.

Tuesday morning, around 8AM, after queueing for about 25 minutes, I stood at the polling booth. My finger hovered a few seconds between the candidates I thought could win, (Romney/Ryan), and the candidates I felt expressed my views the best, (Johnson/Gray), before biting the bullet and choosing R/R. They were, in my mind, a far from suitable solution, but better than what we are facing now, a man who seems to think QE and spending even more, whilst expanding government, is the way to deal with the horrendous fiscal situation we are hurtling towards. The dollar had already started to fall in foreign currency markets just hours after Obama was declared the winner; the Dow Jones plunged about 300 points within 45 minutes or so, upon opening Wednesday. Thursday wasn’t much better, with multiple stories of layoff announcements.

I’m upset that the future of my children and this country has been put in jeopardy. Government will do nothing but expand over the next four years, which coupled with any future financial “stimulus” packages will do nothing but stifle the economy. ALL of the governmental spending needs to be either eliminated or cut right down to the barest bones. That is what is killing the country, and the party of people in charge is irrelevant.

Its time to wake up the masses and reach out to everyone with the libertarian message, which in general terms is fiscal conservatism, social liberalism and the freedom to do as one wishes, so long as it does not infringe on the liberty and freedom of others. I know this message is hard for some of the more socially conservative and fiscally liberal to grasp, but they need to understand.

With more “flexibility” for our President, I really do fear what the following four years holds for us, and just how the next President, whoever that shall be, will be able to clear up the mess that this egotistical shyster will make of this country, I do not know.

Shaking Hands With History

As this is my first Presidential Election since becoming a US citizen, I have been trying to be more involved and active, but unfortunately, circumstances have meant that I only seem to be a “weekend warrior” in these matters. President Obama has been in Cincinnati and Columbus, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Vandalia, and Gary Johnson, (who is actually my favored candidate), has been in Centerville, all of which are within an easy driving distance, but each of those events has been during a weekday and I haven’t made it to those events.

However, I made it to a Mitt Romney rally, back on the morning of September 1st, (a Saturday), down in Cincinnati and my wife & I got to go to the FreePAC event, two weeks later, also in Cincinnati. We took a road trip yesterday, (Saturday), to a Mitt Romney Rally, in Lebanon, Ohio.

Yesterday’s rally was in a few blocked off streets, outside the 200-year old Golden Lamb Inn, a place that a number of famous people traveling through Ohio have stopped at, and a number of presidential candidates have made “stump” speeches outside of.

Here’s the video I took, of the speech, from our vantage point, immediately behind the stage:

Here’s a pic I found online, of the crowd that had attended. My wife & I are, literally, just out of shot, in the bottom right!

A shot, from the balcony of the Golden Lamb Inn, of the crowd at the Romney Victory Rally,

Whilst I didn’t feel as excited and energized as I did at the Cincinnati rally, six weeks prior, I did enjoy this rally, too, especially as I got to shake hands with Gov. Romney, after the speech!

As Gov. Romney moves down the crowd, I managed to get the opportunity to shake his hand!

@MittRomney Don’t Repeal #Obamacare, Repeal The Waivers.

The left are dissing Papa John’s over the 14c/pizza costs, they’ll change tune when everything starts having its own equivalent of 14c tacked on its price. It doesn’t sound like.much, but all those cents soon become dollars…

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