Historical Comparisons: Henry II/Thomas Becket & Obama/Liberty-Minded Groups

In late 1170, four knights of the court of England’s King Henry II paid a visit to Canterbury Cathedral to have the Archbishop, Thomas Becket, accompany them to the city of Winchester to justify his actions of excommunicating the Archbishop and the two Bishops who had crowned Henry II’s son, Henry The Younger – yes, he was crowned whilst his father was alive, which was a practice of the French Capetian royal dynasty, of which the Plantagenets are a branch. He refused to leave with them, instead returning to his duties and headed for vespers. The knights went outside of the cathedral, recovered their swords, went back inside, found the Archbishop and assassinated him with a number of strokes to the skull, the final one being the death blow, slicing the crown of the Archbishop’s head and scattering brain matter and blood over the cathedral floor.

What lead to the assassination of Thomas was that the four knights heard the King say something along the lines of “What miserable drones and traitors have I nourished and brought up in my household, who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born cleric?”, and decided that the king was chastising his knights for not “dealing with” the Archbishop. So off they went, to Canterbury. In the aftermath, Henry II essentially did nothing to prosecute or punish the errant knights. Its not even clear as to how he reacted to the news of their actions.

Now, come to the present day, an ocean away from Canterbury, in Washington D.C., and here are the modern parallels, as I see them:
Pres. Obama is King Henry II;
the future, statist course of the country is Henry the Younger;
the mainstream media and the “establishment” political parties are the Archbishop & Bishops,”crowning” this new governing paradigm;
liberty-loving, conservatives/lbertarians and the “alternative” media are embodied by Thomas Becket; &;
government agencies & departments are the four “errant” knights, carrying out what they understand is the will of their “King, whilst affording him the protection of being able to be shocked at their actions and protest his innocence and the defense that he didn’t mean his words to be acted upon in a literal manner.

So, the way I believe it happens is that at mettings in the White House, Pres. Obama makes vague passing comment suchs as, “Don’t those Tea Part people ever stop”, which the lackeys – e.g. IRS leaders, MSM journalists, etc. – take as a call to action against the “enemy”, and once the actions of the lackeys come to light Pres. Obama can then use plausible deniability to act all shocked and surprised when these lackeys take action.

Of course, I could be wrong. I don’t think I am though.


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Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

One Response to Historical Comparisons: Henry II/Thomas Becket & Obama/Liberty-Minded Groups

  1. I’m not as familiar with Henry 11 and Becket aside from the play and movie about them, but looking at your re-casting using current Americans I can’t agree with your plot parallels.

    Your current knights haven’t assassinated any of your Beckets. Instead, an army of mercenaries hired by a competing Lord Koch has locked the knights in their towers, and gone about burning the huts of serfs who had no guilt in the conflict, but who suffer anyway. Henry doesn’t control either the knights or the mercenaries. He can only appeal directly to, and argue for the peasants, by scolding and encouraging resistance.

    King Henry has already stated his intent to relinquish the crown in 2016. Henry the Younger is an inadequately backed pretender, having no more chance of ascension than Bonnie Prince Cruz.

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