Cogs In The Machine Of Statism (Part II – Education)

The current system of education is not geared to learning and/or thinking, but instead, it is geared towards producing a population that is, for the most part intelligent enough to keep civilization running, but not to allow many, if any, to break the mold.

Long story short, we are now home “unschooling” our children, as we have realized that they cannot possibly get a good education at the establishments that are part of our local school district. Right now, they are underperforming at what the State would consider as suitable achievement levels, but they are much happier. When they are choosing to get online, or a book, and learn stuff it is stuff that interests them. I bet you can remember the feeling you had when you were headed to class for a subject you hated, as opposed to the feelings when the class was one you enjoyed.

It is all down to the “Prussian school” and its deliberate, regimented, dumbing down control of the populace, and people like Horace Mann who helped introduce it to the United States. My awakening to this was sparked a few years ago, by a TED Talk by a fellow British emigre to the United States, Dr. Ken Robinson, who talked about how unrounded today’s education systems were, to the point where he was asking, “Do Schools Kill Creativity”. Here’s the talk:

So, it is really simple. The government education system keeps the masses less educated and more susceptible to accepting more and more government oversight in their lives.


About Dudge OH Politics
Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

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