America: Dumbed Down to 1984?

Maybe if education wasn’t focused on schools, bullshit tests, GPA’s etc. and more on common sense and critical thinking; maybe if media wasn’t so focused on the sensationalism of news that the twenty-four hour news cycle requires, or getting people their fifteen minutes of fame and glamorizing them when they are acting amorally; maybe if people accepted that their actions have consequences and learned a respect for themselves and others; maybe then, we would find that the media detritus like American Idol, Big Brother and Survivor, and the agitprop ramblings and bumper sticker catchphrases that pass for political speeches any more, would only get any credence with with the uneducated and mentally immature.

But in the current climate in America, anyone who wishes to have more freedom and liberty, less government, to homeschool or  unschool their kids, to turn off the “idiot box”, to keep handy the tools, skills and stores to survive an anticipated breakdown of society, to own a gun or have morals and a sense of responsibility and respect and look for statesmen to represent them and not self interested political hacks to “lead” them, well… they’re “tea baggers” and “bigots” and “tin foil hat” “RWNJ” extremists, to be considered as dangerous as those who really wish to do us harm.

Looks like the whole 1984 Newspeak state is here.

And the populace seems to be OK with that.



About Dudge OH Politics
Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

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