Can This Ship Be Turned Around?

There’s a lot of analogies out there, demonstrating the state of this great country of ours. Heading for a cliff and being the Titanic are just two. I’m going to go with the Titanic analogy.

Unfortunately, unlike the Titanic’s sole, only-seen-at-the-last-second iceberg predicament, there’s at least three big icebergs that we are headed for and we can see them on the close horizon, but no politician seems to want to do anything about it. Oh… they all talk about what they will do, but none of them act. I don’t see that any of the current crop of presidential candidates, especially the main contenders, will change the ship’s course, either through their ideology or the infinitesimal chance they have of election.

The first of the three icebergs, as I see them, is the current financial crisis. We don’t need increased revenues or balanced budgets or any of the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” shenanigans. What we need is a budget that drastically reduces government spending. Cut the duplication; reduce military spending, (i.e. bring all of our troops home); cut down on the levels of bureaucracy and the number bureaucrats needed to maintain those levels, even to the point of elimination of some Departments and agencies.

The second iceberg is our lack of freedoms. With every Act, (e.g. the PATRIOT Act,  the NDAA, etc.), that is passed, or program implemented, in order to make us feel safer, the freedoms we hold so dear are eroded. Its an often quoted line from Benjamin Franklin, but he is right: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. What we need are people in place who can turn back these obscene acts of constraint and annulment of our freedoms, as written in the great, founding documents of our country, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

A great example of this is the “gay marriage issue”. What the hell is the government doing dictating, through the provision, and requirement, of marriage licences, who may or may not be considered married? It should not be up to the government, even in cases where a couple wish to have a civil ceremony to demonstrate how deep their commitment to each other is. The only places that should could understandably be discriminating are those places that are a part of a particular religion that has a set stance on marriage. If you are a religious, gay couple and “your” church denounces such relationships, rather than whine and protest about it, just find a more accepting and compassionate form of your chosen religion that will perform a marriage for you.

The third iceberg is the morality of the country. Now, I’m not talking about any specific, Judeo-Christian-centric morality, but a general, “live and let live”, commonsense mentality.  We have become a society where it seems to be OK to do things that harm others, in whatever form that harm might take. Businesses are run unethically; people steal because they have an addiction that they cannot, or will not, face and work to overcome…

Its not too late for us to turn this “ship” around, but it will be hard, after decade upon decade of people actively promoting the behaviors and circumstances that we find now, as these icebergs we are fast approaching…

(Originally published Aug 21, 2012)


About Dudge OH Politics
Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

One Response to Can This Ship Be Turned Around?

  1. fuzislippers says:

    Great post! Not sure whom you include in the “current crop” as there are, effectively, only two choices: Obama and Romney. I can’t imagine you’d include nutty fascist Roseanne Barr in your thought process; is that weak as water libertarian nutjob still planning to run (forget his name, he’s so forgettable). Anyway, our laws are written in Congress, not the WH, so that’s where we have to focus on pushing for change in regard to ideology and direction (finance, freedoms). We do have power there, and that’s evident in the leftists’ loud shrieks about the “obstructionist” GOP and “extremist” TEA Party holding the establishment GOP “hostage.”

    We’re making a difference ALREADY, and we’ve only had one election, and it only a midterm! I’d say we’re definitely moving to avoid icebergs one and two. It just takes time, and it’s easy to get impatient, to overlook the great progress we’ve made already (who would have thought that the greedy pigs at the tax payer trough would stop, however briefly, shoving every bill full of pork? Who would have thought we’d actually be talking about the entitlement crisis? I wouldn’t have thought it likely, even three years ago, but here we are! yay! We have presidential and vice presidential candidates for president actually defending American small business, agreeing to repeal the ObamaCareTax monstrosity, expressing support for the Second Amendment, defending religious freedom. Not sure we’d have seen that in the “compassionate conservative” era of republican “progressive” dominance. The ideological scene is changing . . . actually rather rapidly in historic terms. double yay!)

    The third is not the government’s role at all. That’s the socio-cultural front in this war. We have to take that back, too, but that won’t be done by any elected official; we do that in our homes, our communities, in our choices when we spend our money, tune into television programs, etc. We can gripe about the moral decay, but if we keep supporting it financially, it won’t go anywhere. It’ll just get worse, as we’ve seen.

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