My Opinion On Abortion

Today is the 40th anniversary of the (in?)famous Roe vs. Wade decision. My stance on the issue of abortion is simply that I have no problem at all with women having the choice to have an abortion being carried out for medical purposes, (e.g. the mother needs life saving chemotherapy that would harm the baby, etc.), but as a form of contraception, just because the woman does not want to be a parent? No…

Abortion is the destruction of something that is full of energy and life force. Even on a cellular scale, the energy is tremendous, as the fertilized egg splits to multiply itself, soon becoming a cluster of cells with a rudimentary physiology to it and that is, in a nutshell, why I stand where I do, on abortion.

I know virtually nothing about the Roe vs. Wade case, nor do I have a head full of facts and figures but I approach this from spiritual and scientific points of view.

I was born into a non-practicing Roman Catholic family who had me baptized at around 6 months of age. On the few occasions I attended Sunday School, it was at the local Methodist Church. Growing up in Wales, in a virtually completely Angloglottal area, we sang hymns & spiritual folk songs at Morning Assembly in school from “Reception” class right through to Fifth Form, (e.g. Morning Has Broken; Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise; Calon Lan). After some years without any spirituality, I found myself in a group of Wiccans and other neo-pagans, but nothing has been practiced since 2000. I now consider myself spiritual, rather than religious, and still a neo-pagan.

In Chemistry and Physics classes I learned that every atom has energy, as the electrons spin in their extranuclear orbits, forming the molecules of the elements and compounds that make up everything in the universe. That is why the spiritualities like Wicca resonate, (pun intended!), with me, as they work with the universal energies to implement change.



About Dudge OH Politics
Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

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