Sandy Hook ES, Newtown: Change The Culture, Not The Laws

In the aftermath of the sickening events in Newtown, CT, I saw a few posts, on Facebook & Twitter, talking about the rate of firearm related deaths, in terms of a number of deaths/100k population, where the USA has a rate in the 10.x, (though, iirc, that data is old and its down around 6.x, now) and it is compared to the rate of one, or more countries, w/ strict gun control, whose rate(s) is/are <1/100k.

Switzerland has 0.4 firearm related INCIDENTS, not deaths, per 100k population. They have ALL men aged 20-30 perform militia training, including weapons training and the militia members are expected to keep a SIG SG 550 “assault rifle” at home.

Also, if the gun control laws in countries like the UK, Australia & Germany are so awesome at stopping firearm related deaths, why aren’t their rates at 0/100k?

Finally, how would stricter gun laws have stopped Timothy McVeigh? Or the 9/11 attacks? Or the Boston Strangler? Or Juan Corona? Or any other number of serial killers, whose tallies reach into double figures and whose crimes are just as horrific as these kinds of massacre-type events?



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