This Is A Hoax, Right?

I’m no fan of the GOP, as I consider myself libertarian, but this is just bullshit, imho. I have emboldened the area I find I am reading with incredulity. The link was sent to me by a liberal family member.

I guess this is the kind of talk that’s going on in rightwing circles right now. I know the guy that wrote this through political debate pages on Facebook. He’s a “devout”, extreme, Libertarian, and I’ve never seen him write anything outside of the stark, ultra-right mantra……until today. Personally I was really shocked when I got to the bottom and saw the name of the author because all I’ve ever seen him do is blindly quote, pre-rehearsed, right-wing talking points, whether they fit the context of discussion or not. Never knew he was capable of original thought, but I suppose a lot on the Right, after two smack downs by Obama, the one they were told had no record to run on, the one they were told would lose by a land slide, the one they believed racist ads would scare white people from voting for, have had a shocking wake up from their deluded slumber. Obama’s second win was like icy water dashed on their faces. — TWO wins cannot be a fluke. And now they have no choice but to turn away from the comfort and false complacency of the factless, alternate reality they’d crafted for themselves.

“Folks, I think it’s time for all of us to capitalize on Obama’s re-election and turn a negative into a positive. We have already definitively proven these past two election cycles that Republican voters are, for lack of a nicer way of putting it, idiots. They will gladly nominate the candidate that says what they WANT to hear rather than what they NEED to hear; they’ll gladly delude themselves into thinking a loser can beat a winner if he makes them feel good inside.

I propose we – libertarians, Constitutionalists, minarchists, anarchists, and even so-called “conservatives” (the real ones, not neo-cons or Christian whack jobs) – unite and work WITH the progressive left in this country to effectively marginalize the GOP at the national level.

Simple game theory leaves that we will always come down to two choices, no matter how many parties are permitted into the debates and into the selection. Conventional wisdom then states that the status quo is what we’re stuck with. Well, the earth is round and not flat, though conventional wisdom would indicate that the world is flat. Given that we will inevitably boil down to two parties, this begs the question: where is it written that those two choices must be Democrats and Republicans? I vote we eject Republicans from their ivory towers, where stupid people make stupid comments about rape and abortion and other non-issues; let’s fill the vacuum with the Libertarian Party so we can finally get some good, meaningful, and philosophical debate going in this country.”

Kyle O’Laughlin

The point I considered bullshit is “…work WITH the progressive left in this country…“, because I consider the progressive left to be for a huge, freedom-strangulating, bureacracy. Government needs to be brought back within its constraints, as per the Constitution, and I can’t believe anyone with even a remotely similar idea of the role of government would consider allying with those of an opposing view.

As for social policies, frankly, I don’t give a crap what people do, just as long as they aren’t infringing on or coercing anyone else and are okay with living with the consequences.


About Dudge OH Politics
Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

One Response to This Is A Hoax, Right?

  1. kerry says:

    ugh. i’ve never heard of this kyle o’laughlin. is that the author of the stuff in italics? are we supposed to know who he is?

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