Shaking Hands With History

As this is my first Presidential Election since becoming a US citizen, I have been trying to be more involved and active, but unfortunately, circumstances have meant that I only seem to be a “weekend warrior” in these matters. President Obama has been in Cincinnati and Columbus, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Vandalia, and Gary Johnson, (who is actually my favored candidate), has been in Centerville, all of which are within an easy driving distance, but each of those events has been during a weekday and I haven’t made it to those events.

However, I made it to a Mitt Romney rally, back on the morning of September 1st, (a Saturday), down in Cincinnati and my wife & I got to go to the FreePAC event, two weeks later, also in Cincinnati. We took a road trip yesterday, (Saturday), to a Mitt Romney Rally, in Lebanon, Ohio.

Yesterday’s rally was in a few blocked off streets, outside the 200-year old Golden Lamb Inn, a place that a number of famous people traveling through Ohio have stopped at, and a number of presidential candidates have made “stump” speeches outside of.

Here’s the video I took, of the speech, from our vantage point, immediately behind the stage:

Here’s a pic I found online, of the crowd that had attended. My wife & I are, literally, just out of shot, in the bottom right!

A shot, from the balcony of the Golden Lamb Inn, of the crowd at the Romney Victory Rally,

Whilst I didn’t feel as excited and energized as I did at the Cincinnati rally, six weeks prior, I did enjoy this rally, too, especially as I got to shake hands with Gov. Romney, after the speech!

As Gov. Romney moves down the crowd, I managed to get the opportunity to shake his hand!


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Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

6 Responses to Shaking Hands With History

  1. fuzislippers says:

    I know your favored candidate is Johnson, but he’s not going to win. Even the massive egos of Ron Paul and Donald Trump conceded that a third party run would benefit only Obama and chose to step aside for the good of the country. I respect that a great deal and can’t understand how anyone, even you my friend, would seriously consider voting for Obama . . er, Johnson. 😉

    • Dudge OH says:

      The problem is, I have never had to vote strategically. All of my votes, before now, have been purely from what I truly believe, not what would be best for a constituency, or country, because they were always, to my mind, on and the same. This time, though, I must admit, the Romney option does look like it’ll get the nod, on the day.

      Maybe… 😉

  2. fuzislippers says:

    [quote]OK… I may be flip-flopping over Johnson/Romney, but I will NEVER vote for the Commie-in-Chief![/quote]

    Obviously not directly, but as there is no way in all hell that Johnson can win, any vote for him IS a vote for Obama. I know you don’t see it that way, but either Romney or Obama will win this election. Conservatives and libertarians who “protest” vote for Johnson or simply stay home are effectively and actually HELPING the Commie in Chief. You can’t believe that “protest” votes matter to anyone in politics (to whom would you be sending this message?), the only thing they can hurt in this election is America. Nader got more percentage of votes than Johnson will get in his wildest dreams, and no one cared or noticed . . . except Gore and his commie creep coalition, to whom those votes would have gone and may have changed the election. In that case, it was a GOOD thing for America. But the basics are the same: 2000 was a close election, a third party split votes between two similar ideologies, and the one candidate not represented by the dems or greens got elected. Here, the third party split vote goes in Obama’s favor. Period. Any vote for Johnson IS a vote for Obama, in effect and in actuality.

    There may indeed come a time–perhaps even as early as 2016, more likely in 2020–when a third party is not only necessary but actually viable. It will mean that our attempts to pull the GOP to the right and back to Constitutional principles were not working and that another strategy must be adopted (why I think it’s more likely to be 2020). If that happens, it will be TEA Party conservatives and libertarians joining together to make that happen.

    That time is not now. This election is vital, in my opinion, to the future of America, whether or not America even has a future AS America. It’s not the time to put our own preferences above our nation’s need. I’ve come to like Romney a lot more than I once did, but even if I hadn’t, I would still vote for him because the alternative is simply not acceptable on any level. And the alternative is counting on people to either stay home or to vote for Johnson (again, even Trump and Ron Paul understand this–either of them would have stripped away more votes from Romney than Johnson will had they run, but this election is close, too close to not consider what four more years of Obama MEANS to this nation and her people.)

    Climbing off soapbox now. Heh. I do tend to get riled up, I guess. Sorry 🙂

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