Head Or Heart? @MittRomney Or @GovGaryJohnson?

This is going to be my first Presidential Election since becoming a naturalized citizen, and its one that is tearing me apart, ideologically.

You see, I currently consider myself libertarian – I want a very limited government; few, if any taxes; and few laws. I understand, however, that such a society, where people can pretty do as they want, as long as its not hurting another, is pretty much nigh on impossible to attain, as someone will always want to exercise their power of another, or others. Its human nature.

As much as we like to think of ourselves as being some kind of superior entity, with our cities and industry and technology, when it all boils down to it, we are animals with instinctual, base needs – food, shelter and sex. But that sounds like a blog for another time…

I’ve always had an affinity for third parties, when I lived in the UK I was very much a Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru supporter, depending on if the election was for Westminster on local politics. I suppose my aversion to big parties has tracked my evolution in ideology! Now, I do have some conservative leanings, I suppose, as a number of the Republican nominees made sense to me. Ron Paul & Gary Johnson were obvious attractions, (according to ISideWith.com Ron Paul& I  matched 99%!), ideologically, but I also liked Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, as much. I also got behind the campaign of Buddy Roemer, a Republican who was hoping to run a cross-party ticket with its main focus on ending the power of money in politics. When it became obvious Romney was going to be the Republican Candidate, I switched my allegiance to Gary Johnson.

The weekend after the RNC Convention I took a road trip to Cincinnati to be at the Victory Tour stop for the Romney campaign, (my first ever political meeting of any kind), and loved the energy. I also warmed a little to Romney. Still, my tweets and FB posts leaned to the libertarian side of politics.

On the 15th, we managed to secure child minding for the weekend and both DW & I managed the road trip down to Cincinnati for the FreedomWorks “FreePAC Ohio” conference. We came away from that energized and I particularly enjoyed the more libertarian lean of the whole thing.

But slowly, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I am going to have to vote for Romney.

As much as I would love to be able to vote for my libertarian ideals, there needs to be an America in which those ideals can survive. The libertarian ideology has more in common with the Republicans than the Democrats, certainly the current crop of socialists and communists that the Democrats seem to have embraced as their leaders, and as we get nearer to the election, the thought that I need to vote for those who will save America is outweighing the need to vote to my ideology.


About Dudge OH Politics
Former lefty Welshman now a righty American. Loves: family, freedom, liberty, OH & USA.

3 Responses to Head Or Heart? @MittRomney Or @GovGaryJohnson?

  1. fuzislippers says:

    I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. So I do understand this pull to a third party, to the hope (not hopeychangey crap) that comes with it. I knew, in voting for Perot, that I was “throwing my vote away,” but I wanted to . . . I don’t know, make a stand of some kind? Be true to myself in some way? I don’t even remember now what motivated me to vote third party all those years ago, but I’ve regretted that vote every single day since 9/11. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed by al-queda, Clinton did nothing. We’ll never know what HW Bush would have done, but I tend to think it wouldn’t have been nothing. That’s not all, of course, I’d regret it even without 9/11, but that does color my thinking on so many things . . . .

    I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a viable third party and think that it’s inevitable if our efforts to shift the GOP to the right don’t pan out. But I definitely don’t think there’s time to get that off the ground before the November elections, and I’m not sure that libertarian is the third party we’ll need. We need something that pulls in conservatives and libertarians who share more viewpoints than not. Something like a Constitution Party . . . in spirit if not in name. I’m not willing to go with “Independent” again, not only because I got burned but because it’s not really, anymore, a name that means anything. “Independent” now seems to mean only “a pox on both your parties,” they stand against Dems and GOP, not for anything.

    Okay, enough of my babble. I do believe, even as you know how much I don’t like Romney, that he’s the only choice this time. The chance of a second Obama term is truly terrifying.

    • kerry says:

      one thing that i have always remembered about ross perot is that he had a huge following…and then he dropped out of the race. then, he changed his mind and decided to get back in. and by that time he started sounding crazy, what with the fbi or cia, or whatever, spying on his family. maybe it was true, but back then, it sounded crazy. and he lost a lot of the momentum that he had. i’ve often wondered, if there hadn’t been that hiccup in his run, would it have turned out differently?

      • fuzislippers says:

        Oh yes! I remember that now; he dropped out because someone threatened his daughter or something and then got back in and everyone said, myself included, that now the enemy knew just how to get to him. I’m not sure if it would have made much difference if he’d stayed in. He was that time’s Ron Paul sort of figure who appealed to young people and some leftists (he had an antiAmerican schtick early on but dropped that to focus on economic policy, which attracted uninformed fiscal conservatives like me; if I’d known more about him, I probably wouldn’t have gone that way, even back then, he was actually a bit of a wannabe tyrant, but I was young and stupid and didn’t really know much about him at the time, I was more “yuck Democrats, yuck Republicans, Oh! look, shiny!!”).

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